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Consignments (TNT Data)

Consignment NoUnique Parcel RefCon Note TypeItem NumberOut CustIn Col DepOut Col DepIn at HubIn HubOut at HubIn Del DepOut Del DepScan At HubScan At Del Dep


Packs (TNT Data)

Pace Job NumberDepotRef Date 1Consignment NoReceivedByRef Date 2CustomerCustomer Location

13800BARKING 07/06/1610421278 00:002396 TESCO'SDOUGLAS
13800BARKING 07/06/1610421278lee09/06/16 09:012396 TESCO'SDOUGLAS

Pack Movements (TNT Data)

Consignment NoCollection DepotDelivery DepotPace Job NumberScan personMovement DateMovement DescriptionMovement SubDescription

10421278BARKING ISLE OF MAN 1380008/06/2016 08:36:21RF SCANNED 1 ITEM LOADED
10421278BARKING ISLE OF MAN 1380008/06/2016 09:55:00RF CON FULLY LOADED
10421278BARKING ISLE OF MAN 13800lee09/06/2016 09:01:00POD INPUTDEL SIGNED POD